Before Aspergers

So, I finally fell in love with a great guy, we got married and we had our first child…. a son.  Not too familiar with boys myself having been raised by a single mom with two sisters, so this was going to be a new experience.  Everything is on the outside and once must now worry about getting a shower when changing a diaper.  We did have some good ones where it hit the wall, but for the most part I became nimble enough with the diaper juggling to avoid most ‘accidents’.  I would like to say that Max’s birth was completely normal, but during labor his heart rate did fall and the nurses ran in to flip me over to my right side from my left.  And 22 hours after my water broke, my 8lb 14oz ‘little’ guy was finally out.  Yes, like any mother with a conscience we we decided to try to breast feed.  After 3 days of crying we found out I wasn’t making enough milk to actually sustain my son.  So, I did both – nursed, bottle fed, pumped – all the fun stuff you do for your children.  I did it for 3 months since my office didn’t have anywhere private for me to pump during work.  From 3 months on Max got what I could pump at night and the rest of the time he was bottle-fed.  He slept through the night at 8 months, but he never seemed comfortable in his own skin.  We chalked it up to colic – or that “all babies cry” and figured he would grow out of it before we imploded from lack of sleep…

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